Steel Board Gates

Steel Board Gate Sizes

  • 4 Foot
  • 8 Foot
  • 12 Foot


  • Textured Black
  • Gloss White
The Steel Board Gate is made with galvanized steel finished with an architectural grade powder coat. It has a separate gate post made of 1/8” thick walled steel tubing 3 1/2” in diameter that is set in concrete 54” deep.

The post-end of the Steel Board Gate is tubular in shape so that it fits over the gate post, and has two internal polymer bearings, one upper and one lower. Instead of being attached to the gate post, the Steel Board Gate rests on top of the gate post engaging the upper internal polymer bearing that has a domed aluminum race.

The lower internal bearing is eccentric and also functions to level the gate. The bearings enable the Steel Board Gate to open and close smoothly and quietly and make leveling the gate effortless.

Available in 3 and 4 rail configurations. Gate Installation Instructions:
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Black Steel Board Gate, 12 Foot, 4 Rail
Black Steel Board Gate, 12 Foot, 4 Rail
Black Steel Board Gate, 4 Foot, 4 Rail
Black Steel Board Gate, 4 Foot, 4 Rail
The Steel Board Gate comes in three different sizes (sizes based on opening length): 4 foot, 8 foot, and 12 foot. The gates can be installed individually or as doubles to maximize the gate opening area. The colors offered are the same as the Steel Board Fence, either textured black or gloss white. The rail configurations are 3-rail or 4-rail.
Black Steel Board Gate, 8 Foot, 3 Rail
Black Steel Board Gate, 8 Foot, 3 Rail
Black Steel Board Gate, 8 foot, 4 rail
The black Steel Board Gate, 8 foot, 4 rail, is in the foreground showing how nicely it blends with the Steel Board Fence.
The Steel Board Gates are sold separately and can be installed with most wood or vinyl fences. The installation instructions provide the opening dimensions required along with all the necessary gate dimensions.
Black Steel Board Gate, 4 Foot, 3 Rail
Black Steel Board Gate, 4 Foot, 3 Rail
Black Steel Board Gate, 12 Foot, 3 Rail
Black Steel Board Gate, 12 Foot, 3 Rail

EZ Latch


The EZ Latch fits a wide range of gates including the Steel Board Gates and any other vinyl, wood or pipe style gate. It includes provision to lock the gate using a standard pad lock and a convenient loop to hang the lock when not in use.IMG_2555-5ps-2881038515-OIMG_2556-6ps-2881040828-O

This “horse proof” latch will prevent even the most curious horse intent on escaping from opening the gate. The EZ Latch assembly is cleverly designed with many unique features including:

  • Two-Way Operation.
    Allows gates to be opened or closed from either direction while on your horse. The internal heat-treated alloy-steel drop-plates are lifted with a finger to open and drop when the gate is thrown closed.
  • Prevents Gate Lean.
    A stainless steel latch plate upon which the latch pin rests when the gate is closed, alleviating the weight on the gate post.
  • Corrosion-Free.
    Latch pin end made with shock absorbing rubber bushing covered with a stainless steel contact roller. Corrosion resistant washers are included for adjusting the pin horizontally up to 1.5 inches. The entire powder-coated housing is made in a strong cast-aluminum alloy.
  • Fully Adjustable. (picture below)
    Latch housing has upper and lower mount bosses that enable vertical adjustments anytime during and after installation. The mount-pin is furnished with 7 thick adjustment-washers to allow proper pin-to-latch engagement.
  EZ Latch padlocked via slit.


EZ Latch in closed
position with latch pin
resting on latch plate.


The EZ Latch includes the latch pin assembly, an internal mounting plate and hardware.

Latch pin assembly.

Like the Steel Board fence, the EZ Latch is offered in textured-black and gloss-white powder-coat. The versatile design makes it easy to use on most wood or vinyl fence systems, including any round-pipe post, as well as the Steel Board fence system. With the EZ Latch your gate will be held closed securely and can be opened only by you and not your horse.


Swinging Gate Latch

EZ Latch and Ground Anchor combination for dual gates.
An EZ Latch housing is mounted onto the gate with the ground anchor. This allows for quick opening and closing of one gate and the ability to open both when needed.
VB edit - EZ Latch on Gate - PSedThis is mostly used for setups where you need the dual-gate opening-width to move equipment in and out, but frequently have people and horses moving through only one of the gates. The EZ Latch even allows a rider to open and close the gate while still on their horse.
VB edit - Gate Open EZ Latch housing

EZ Latch mounted on Steel Board Gate.

VB edit - Ground Anchor CU

Ground Anchor mounted on gate.

VB edit - Parts Shot - Ground AnchorGround Anchor tube, mount, and rod.
Many customers order a second ground tube per gate to hold the gate in both the open and closed positions.

For installation instructions, click here.

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